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Glassical Artworks

Bringing color, light and beauty

to you and your surroundings

From the studio of

Melinda Marino Morrissette

Morning Glory Vines
Morning Glory Vines

My Art Glass Journey

Melinda Morrissette

I have worked with glass for over 30 years.  For the past ten years I have focused on kiln formed fused glass.  Fused glass allows many more design and
creative options when making 
jewelry, tiles, plates and art glass panels. I still work with stained glass art and enjoy the beauty of that art form as well. I am always finding new ways to express my appreciation for the beautiful interplay between  color and light in glass.
I hope you enjoy my work and will want to bring some light and color into your home and life. Thank you for the opportunity to bring this to you.

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact
Melinda Marino Morrissette at
Glassical Artworks today.
Phone 959-710-0515  or by email

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. ~Albert Einstein

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